Steve Mazzaro

Dan Websites

My latest website project is a clean site for composer Steve Mazzaro, known for his work collaborating with Hans Zimmer.  This is a straightforward site with a minimalist design, built in X with a custom post type for the projects.  I did a bit of hand-crafted PHP work to create a custom shortcode that can be used in WordPress which will allow the client to update the Listen page easily, pulling the information from the custom post type as well …

The Sons of Katie Elder

Dan Audio Projects, Graphic Design

Back in 2013, La-La Land Records released Elmer Bernstein’s scores to The Shootist and The Sons of Katie Elder on one disc.  The latter portion was the 1965 re-recording done for the LP, meaning that the original film score recorded still had yet to be released -until now.  This new album is sourced from the original mono film music stem, as well as selected cues from an Electro-vox recording found in the archives.  In addition to the score and source cues, we …

Kraft-Engel Management

Dan Websites

So I finally got a chance to redesign the Kraft-Engel Management website. The original site was built back in 2012 and while the visual aesthetics were fine, the way it was implemented meant that there was a lot of manual database entry and FTPing of audio files to update the clients.  I knew that there was a simpler solution, and one that would also modernize the site to allow it to be mobile-friendly. Using the X Theme (again, from the …

Working Backwards

Dan Freelancing

So this website (basically the blog of my projects) is woefully out of date. I have 2.5 years of catching up to do, and will try to do so over the next few months, but will be back-dating the posts and keeping it current going forward.

Justice League Dark

Dan Graphic Design

One of the great things about working on the various DC Universe Original Movie animated film soundtracks is that there’s a process in place that makes it a really smooth project, at least on the artwork end of things. I know who I need to contact at Warner Bros., they get me the various home video key art assets for the cover, as well as some production backgrounds, and then they send me a watermarked, time-code stamped DVD of the …

The Expendables 3

Dan Graphic Design

Working on a current film title is always exciting, for a number of reasons. With The Expendables 3, we got to see the film way early. Granted it wasn’t high art, but I found it entertaining. It also gave me a chance to get a sense of what scenes were important and what the design aesthetic used in the film itself is.  Probably the biggest challenge for this project was the timeframe in which it had to take place – …

Wild is the Wind

Dan Graphic Design

Until I was handed the project, I’d never heard of Wild is the Wind, the 1957 George Cukor film featuring a score by Dimitri Tiomkin.  A majority of the projects I work on are relatively more recent, so it was fun to handle the artwork for another nearly 60-year old film. Paramount has a great online archive of their artwork assets, but occasionally a title will arise (like First Love) which isn’t yet in the system. In this case, the film was so …

The Naked Gun Trilogy

Dan Audio Projects, Graphic Design

Producing a single score soundtrack can be a lot of work. When it’s a trilogy box set, that’s like cramming three projects into one, and can be a bit overwhelming  Thankfully, for The Naked Gun Trilogy, I worked with Neil S. Bulk to make this the best album possible. He spent an ungodly amount of time going through all the various recorded takes for each film, picking the proper version, and noting good alternate options for bonus tracks.  We knew that we …

The Addams Family

Dan Audio Projects, Graphic Design

I’ve always loved Marc Shaiman’s delightfully fun score to The Addams Family.  The thematic score is immensely hummable, and when it was clear that we were able to do a new expanded soundtrack release of the music, I immediately dove right in.  We got the bulk of the music from DATs, but there were a few cues that were on analog sources which we had transferred.  What that meant was that we not only had the full score, but we also …

The Case Against 8

Dan Graphic Design

When composer Blake Neely asked me to design the artwork for a release of the score to his new HBO Documentary film, The Case Against 8, I was honored that he thought of me.  Back in January, I had quickly put together the artwork for a promotional album release of the score, but this was going to be something he would be selling – so the quality of the product had to be ramped up. I was provided the layered key …