Paella Lunch and Choir Practice

Dan Spain (2010)

After the panels, I was getting hungry, and so I headed to lunch with Lennertz and a bunch of folks from his entourage, and some others.  It was held at a restaurant that seemed to specialize in steak and paella, but it wasn’t quite clear. Dave Grusin and his group was already there, finishing up their meal, and we got started with some salad, bread with excellent local olive oil and balsamic vinegar, and some gazpacho.  The paella was a …

Friday Morning Panels

Dan Spain (2010)

The morning’s first panel was Michael Giacchino’s; after a detailed introduction, he basically just opened up the floor to questions – and a few of his upcoming projects were briefly discussed, most notably two of the live-action films that are to be helmed by Pixar directors: Mission: Impossible 4 (Brad Bird) and John Carter of Mars (Andrew Stanton).  Very cool!  To demonstrate the value of music in “Lost”, Giacchino live-scored on piano, where he had two guests from the audience …

Christopher Lennertz

Dan Websites

I did a bit of a website restructuring/recoding for composer Christopher Lennertz.  The challenge was to take the existing design done by Ryan Keaveney of Klaatu Media, and re-code it in CSS to work with PHP and MySQL.  Then a whole back-end was implemented to make it easier to update the site on a more regular basis, and create a home-page “portal” for the site.