Not as tasty as cardboard

Dan Goldwasser Boston

Well, it’s Passover! What does that mean? No bread, no flour, no pasta, etc. It’s not that big a deal in the end, but why does everything have to taste so bland?? That’s actually not entirely true… a lot of the food we had tonight (cooked by my talented relatives) was amazingly tasty. Except for the “vegetarain chopped liver”. Sorry mom, it’s just not gonna cut it. (Imagine eating refried beans with no taste….)

Still, it was fun as always, and I’m sorry my little sister couldn’t make it… she’s in Israel, and is thankfully safe given today’s horrible events. Also, if you don’t watch it, tonight’s episode of “Enterprise” featured the Ferengi. Very funny stuff – and it seems Clint Howard is still working in showbiz! (He was noticibly absent from A Beautiful Mind, so I was wondering what happened to him.)