The Scorpion King

Dan Movie Reviews

First off, I’m sure that the 3 of you who actually bother to read my blog were wondering why I haven’t had an update lately. Well… because there hasn’t been anything to write about, honestly. I mean aside from work, over the past few days I did laundry, watched some television, went for a run (both Sunday and Monday – go me!), cleaned up the apartment a bit, played some computer games, worked on some website updates, and reviewed a CD or two (still not enough – need to review more). Anyways – I never promised I’d make this a “daily” thing – it just happened to be so for the first few weeks. 😉

Anyways, on to tonight’s main event! I saw The Scorpion King, which if you’ve been living under a Rock (pun intended), is the spin-off from The Mummy Returns. Was it a good movie? No. Was it fun? Oh, yes! With more knock-off moments from your favorite films than I can recall being in a single film, this movie is certainly the cheese-fest of the spring. Yowza! Of particular note is John Debney‘s huge score. While I can’t really agree with the electric guitar used in the beginning fights, the score builds momentum throughout the film and ultimately has the most amazing 12-minute long climax cue I’ve heard in a long time. Full orchestra, choir, and pounding action. Now that is how you do it! Great job, John!