Scooby Doo

Dan Movie Reviews

“Where are you?” Well, that could easily be the question regarding the overall quality of Scooby Doo. Granted, it’s not like the film looked that good to begin with, but still. J—-n and N—a showed up around 10:30am, then we headed over to the Avco Theater where we braved the storm of small children to get our seats. Matthew Lillard does a great job as Shaggy, and there are plenty of funny little throwbacks to the original television show, but overall, it’s a completely different animal. Some of the more touching moments came with the friendship stuff between Scooby and Shaggy (awww…)

Speaking of Scooby. The CGI animation wasn’t bad, but the rendering just always seemed to be a little off…. it never felt fully photorealistic (if that was their intent) but too fake to be “hyper-real” either. I liked the animation of it, though. David Newman’s score is a mixed bag, but has a lot of really fun choral and orchestral stuff – but it’s bogged down by all the rap and urban source songs, including the awful new cover of “Scooby Doo, Where Are You?”. Eesh.

I think J—-n said it best when after the 85-minute long film ended, we all kinda sat there with a stunned look on our face, and he said “that felt like 2.5 hours”. Well, in this case, as N—a put it, it was more about the company than the film. I wholeheartedly agree.