Ice Cream, Coffee, Seafood, and Pool

Dan Boston

Got some ice cream with Ilana, and then met up with my cousin Andrew for coffee
(he couldn’t make it to dinner friday night since it was his birthday and was out
with friends). Then it was off to see Sam and Justus, and we headed downtown to
Faneuil Hall and the oceanfront. After walking around for a little bit, we ended up
eating at Tia’s, and then decided it would fun to go over to Jillian’s and play some
pool. We played “Cutthroat“, since there were three of us, and Sam did a nice
job proving he’s king of the balls.

ESPN was on in the background, and they were showing the Great Outdoor Games
while I can understand the dog course, and the log rolling, I just don’t get the
idea behind bass fishing. I mean, huh? Also, the log-cutting competition was
pretty amusing as well.