Austin Powers in Goldmember

Dan Movie Reviews

Well, what can one honestly say? I mean, it’s an Austin Powers movie, so already we know what to expect. And being the third one, it’s almost sure to be self-referential. But the extent to which it was just surprised me. Also, there were some really awkward pauses for jokes, which didn’t work well – since so many of them just fell flat. That being said, I was still on the floor with a few of the gags, and the first five minutes of the film are a real hoot. Michael Caine should have had a larger role in this film, since he has so much potential. Ah well.

The screening was held at the Galaxy Theater in Hollywood, just short distance from where Mike Meyers got his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame earlier this week. Honestly, the sound in this theater was just awful. Dialogue was crisp and clear from the center channel, but the music – songs and score – sounded horribly quiet and flat. I’m sure it was the theater and not the film, since the James Bond and Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers trailers also sounded awful. Ironic, considering the sponsors for the evening: the Los Angeles Chapter of the Recording Academy, and BMI. The film was followed by a panel discussion with music supervisor John Houlihan, film composer George S. Clinton, music executive Danny Bramson, and singer Susanna Hoff (of The Bangles). Special shout-out and thanks to BigSheb for inviting me, since I couldn’t get in on my own.

I also wanna point out that it’s interesting that for an industry screening, trailers were attached to the film – especially given that this was to promote Goldmember, and yet we still got the contractually obligated Bond trailer. Hmm…