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Dan Goldwasser Boston

Last night, after a filling sushi dinner with J—-n, I was dropped off at the airport. I took the red-eye flight to Boston, during which the only in-flight entertainment was Life or Something Like It, a film I intentionally avoided when it was a free press screening. As such, I began reading Bird Dog, a car-noir thriller written by’s very own Phil Reed. I got about 200 pages into the book before I fell asleep for a restless 3 hours.

After landing in Boston, I was eventually picked up by Ilana and Yaron, around 6:30am, and we headed on down to Cape Cod. After a detour to Newton to pick something up, as well as a stop along the way for a small breakfast, we finally arrived around 10am. After greeting the parents and Dina (who I hadn’t seen since Thanksgiving, not March as I had mistakenly thought), I fell asleep and finally got up around 2pm. We then went food shopping, and bought plenty of stuff for the week – including tonight’s meal, which will be Asian fare. Including…. sushi. As J—-n pointed out, you can never have enough sushi. As this will be my 3rd sushi meal this week, I’m beginning to agree.