Brunch, Bowling, BBQ and… Trivial Pursuit

Dan Goldwasser Boston

Woke up early today to drive all the way up to Somerville to hang out with Sam, Sharon, Justus, Talia, and Rob. We took the T to Stephanie’s on Newbury – and had a rather delicious (yet expensive) meal. From there, we then made our way back to Sam and Justus’ place, where we worked out our next course of action. That was, of course, bowling at Lanes and Games. To put it mildly, I was horrible at first, but slowly got better as the game progressed. It wasn’t anything special (I hit no strikes, and only one or two spares during the two games), but I had a blast.

After a quick stop at Bread and Circus, we went back to the apartment where dinner was prepared while chatting with Liz and Josh, who finally joined us for the evening. Dinner was Tuscan-style tri-tip steak as well as marinated chicken breast, with delicious sweet corn followed by homemade strawberry shortcake for dessert. The evening’s festivities consisted of Trivial Pursuit, which ran a little long (as such things often do), but that’s alright – and now it’s time for bed. (It’s 1:16am, but I’m back-dating this entry to fit in “Sunday” .)