The Tuxedo

Dan Movie Reviews

Andy’s back in town on vacation for a few days, so he and I drove on up to Sherman Oaks to meet up with John who just got back from a long trip back east. We went to go see The Tuxedo, the latest Jackie Chan flick. The spy elements were fun, and Jennifer Love Hewitt did a surprising job playing a different type of character than she usually does. (Wow – acting range!) However, the film overall was so-so, with my main problem being that I really don’t want to see Jackie Chan on wires. I mean, the whole thing is that he does his own stunts – so where’s the fun in seeing him computer-manipulated and on a wire-rig? Also, the true litmus test of a good Jackie Chan film is to count the
injuries in the end credits blooper reel. On this film, though, the only casualty was Jackie’s English dialogue. Har har. Next, please.

The score was a bit of a mess too, with both Christophe Beck and John Debney lending their talents. It was easy to see where Debney’s contribution kicked in, cause it started to sound like Spy Kids. Still, it was a fun score, and I’m hoping to get this one at some point.