The Ring

Dan Goldwasser Movie Reviews

Well, after months of anticipation, I finally saw The Ring. It wasn’t a “holy crap I peed in my pants” scare-fest, but rather was a well done creepy flick that actually bothered me more than I realized, after the fact. There are some images in that film that are disturbing, and honestly, I don’t think I’ll sleep too well tonight. Directed by Gore Verbinsky (Mouse Hunt, The Mexican), the film is the American remake of Ring, a Japanese horror flick based on the book Ringu. Basic premise: you watch this videotape, then one week later, you will die. A reporter’s niece dies mysteriously – as well as 3 of her other friends who watched the tape. So she starts digging and what she finds is a rather interesting backstory – one that I won’t get into here.

The music, by Hans Zimmer (and a few other folks including Jim Dooley) is rather low key, but there are a couple moments where the score stands out. Very cool stuff, and the horse sequence (as Jim called it, “Brown Horse Down”) is rather exciting. No album is planned at the moment. Definitely check out the film – if you let yourself fall into it, it will probably get under your skin.