Spirited Away

Dan Movie Reviews

Went to go see Spirited Away with Scott from work this afternoon. I thought the showtime was at 1pm, so we got to the theater at 12:30pm. But it was apparently at 2:30 – so we went over to the Century City Plaza and got some lunch at subway. Afterwards, we went and saw the PG-13 rated Japanese animated film – which I thought was inappropriate for about half of the young kids there. The film was very good. It was also very weird, and the plot seemed to go off in directions you didn’t exepct – which while keeping you from guessing, also made it feel like it was a bit formless. I thought the music worked exceptionally well, even if the love story was about as believable as the love story in Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones. That is to say, not believable at all.

Still I recommend this film, but can’t say you have to rush to see it – DVD will suffice. (Great job on the English dub, though!)