Treasure Planet

Dan Goldwasser Movie Reviews

It’s an interesting idea, to take a classic novel like Robert Lewis Stevenson’s Treasure Island and “update it” to put it in outer space – but keep the society looking like an 18th Century seafaring community, with technology. Nonetheless, that’s just what Walt Disney Pictures did, with their latest animated film, Treasure Planet. The story is, for the most part, the same as the novel, with a few upgraded elements. The animation was good, the story engaging, the voice acting solid, and the music a load of fun. Ultimately, this is a better film than I expected, and I had heard enough crappy things about it that I’m sure it helped my enjoyment of the film.

On the voice acting end of things, Martin Short turns in a great performance as “B.E.N.” – absolutely hysterical. And David Hyde Pierce does a delightfully neurotic (as always) job as “Dr. Doppler”. James Newton Howard does a great job with the score, with elements of Waterworld and Atlantis – with a bit of a pirate edge. The kiddie factore wasn’t terrible in the theater, so it was an enjoyable experience overall.