Dan Movie Reviews

Tonight I went to see Narc with Zach. It was a rather gritty and very well-done film that focused on undercover officer Nick Tellis (Jason Patrick), who is teamed up with vengeful cop Henry Oak (Ray Liotta) to investigate the murder of Oak’s partner. Directed by Joe Carnahan, who directed “Ticker”, the 2nd BMW short film this fall, the film was engaging from the start, and built slowly but steadily over the next 1.5 hours. The last ten minutes, though, felt a bit forced, and the steam felt like it was let out a bit sooner – the “twist at the end” didn’t really feel like as much of a revelation as it really was. With lowkey music by Cliff Martinez (call it Traffic 2), the atmosphere and tone of the film is expertly portrayed through cinematography, editing, and sound. (The sound – at times, wow!!) The film opens in a limited capacity in NY and LA at the end of the month (for award consideration) and goes wide in January – do check it out; it could be this year’s Training Day.