Star Trek: Nemesis

Dan Goldwasser Movie Reviews

The thing about Star Trek: Nemesis is that when all is said and done, the movie really did feel like another television episode. Now I’m not saying it’s a bad film – or even the worst Trek film. It’s just that, well, it didn’t feel like it was a story big enough to warrant a big-screen adventure. Now there are a few things that happen that would only work on the big screen – I refer to most of the stuff that Digital Domain cranked out, and I feel that this film boasted some of the more impressive visual effects in a Trek film to date. But in terms of storyline, it was a little flat. The stuff between Picard and Data was probably the high point, and I was rather impressed with the handling of Troi’s “mental rape”. Goldsmith’s score was pretty appropriate, and worked rather well in the film. What I didn’t like, interestingly enough, was the end credits suite in the film, which felt cut up and edited more than it needed to be. (I recall hearing an awkward edit.) So anyways – in sum, this was a rather entertaining film, but nothing to drool over.