The Recruit

Dan Movie Reviews

I went to go see The Recruit tonight. The story basically follows James Clayton (Colin Farrell) as he goes from being a trainee, recruited to the CIA by Al Pacino, to being an undercover operative within the CIA who is trying to weed out a mole. The story has more twists than a Chubby Checkers contest, and was rather entertaining on the whole. Directed by Roger Donaldson (Tomorrow Never Dies), the pacing was rather tight, and the storyline intriguing. The best part about this film was that it gave Pacino two (yes, two) opportunities to have his trademarked ranting monologues – and he takes advantage of them both. (I suppose he was just making up for Insomnia, which had the opportunity, but he didn’t have it.)

It’s not a perfect film – it’s one of those films that has a lot of hi-tech babble-speak, and it looks all nice and flashy, but no one can ever (and I mean ever) code as fast as Farrell codes in this film. It was like, “oh PLEASE”. Ryan Phillipe writing HTML in AntiTrust was more believable than this! It was written by Roger Towne (The Natural) and Kurt Wimmer (The Thomas Crown Affair (1999) and Equilibrium), so it’s not like these were talentless hacks or anything. They just had a few unrealistic scenarios involving computers and stuff. But I enjoyed myself at the movie, and the music was pretty good too.