Dan Goldwasser Movie Reviews

Ben Affleck as a superhero? What kind of whacked out world is this? I went with my good friend Matt to go see Daredevil. I had no idea what to expect from it; the trailers looked rather cruddy, actually. However, this comic book film adaptation about Matt Murdock (Affleck), who is blind and has super-human heightened senses and is out to avenge his father’s death while serving justice throughout the city, was rather entertaining and fun to watch. Jennifer Garner as Elektra is the love interest, but believing their super-fast relationship was a little hard to swallow. But Colin Farrell as Bullseye (and Michael Clarke Duncan as Kingpin) was just great. He’s such an evil evil man, that you almost want to root for him, and (certainly) see more. And Joe Pantoliano played the usual smarmy guy he always plays.

The action sequences were a lot of fun, and rather well choreographed. Can we truly believe that Affleck is a super-skilled martial artist? Not really, but he does a good enough job. Garner, on the other hand, was just plain old fun. There were also a few nagging questions, though, such as: Matt is blind, so who made his costume? Or his weapons? Or his hideout-apartment? How does he know his way around Manhattan so well? Etc. etc.

The music score, by Graeme Revell, was a little rock heavy, but it was pretty cool – definitely one to pick up at some point. I wasn’t too impressed with the songs, but they didn’t really hurt the film, so that was fine. Running about 100-minutes, the film actually felt a little short and rushed at times, and I can only hope that the DVD has some extra (deleted) scenes that flesh out some of the weaker moments, and add more depth to the characters.

So should you see this film? If you’re not interested, you don’t have to. But if you’re curious, or just want some escapist fun, definitely check it out – it’s a bit of a ride!