X-Men 2 Scoring Session

Dan Goldwasser Showbiz

Today I went to Fox to attend the scoring session for X-Men 2, composed by John Ottman. The session began at 10am at the world-famous Newman Scoring Stage, with Damon Intrabartolo conducting a 90+ piece orchestra. A little later on in the morning, the big guns started to show up. First was producer Lauren Shuler Donner, as well as documentarian/filmmaker Rob Burnett, who is working on the X2 DVD – with videocamera in tow. Producer Ralph Winter showed up, and then executive producer Tom DeSanto (whom I had met years ago) showed up as well.

During lunch, Tom took me (and a bunch of other folks) back to his office to show us some of the cool marketing stuff they’re working on for the film. He also gave us a sneek peek at some of the tests and artwork for the now-discarded “Battlestar Galactica” pilot they were developing. Cool stuff! After lunch, director Bryan Singer showed up, and I managed to get some good pix of him with Ottman for John’s website. In a rather bizarre move, I ended up playing a duet of “Heart and Soul” with Bryan Singer on the piano in the Fox Newman Scoring Stage. Cellist Susie Katayama took a picture for us, and I hope to get it and put it up soon. hehe. The rest of the afternoon went well, and the music sounds great! You can check out some pix here.