X-Men 2 Scoring Session – Part Two

Dan Showbiz

Went to Fox for another X-Men 2 scoring session. It was a long 8.5-minute long cue they needed to record, so that took up a significant portion of the session. During the afternoon, Tom DeSanto came back, and along with actors Brian Peck, Taran Killam and Michael McMillian (who was also a CMU alumni!), we trudged over to Tom’s office, where we all got pix wearing the Wolverine claw props. (Yes, the very props that Hugh Jackman wears in the film.) I’m waiting on the picture from Tom, so when I get it, I might put it up (along with that Bryan Singer duet one). Later on, Academy Award nominee Bill Condon showed up to visit the session, which was pretty cool. I also had my video camera there, and got about 40 minutes or so of juicy behind-the-scenes stuff. Look for some of it on John’s site in the weeks to follow. I’ll go to the pick-up session in 2 weeks, and then that’s pretty much it!