Over Your Head

Dan Goldwasser Video Projects

Seven years and ten months. That’s a pretty long time to complete a film. Granted, it’s no masterpiece or anything, but I’m very excited about having put this baby to bed. Yes, that’s right – Over Your Head is finished. No more work to do. I finished the visual effects and edit of the film back in 2001, but then I had hoped that my friend Scott would be able to provide original underscore for the film. So, I waited. And waited. Scott got really busy with work, and so after a time, I figured I should just keep the temp score I had in the original 1996 cut of the film. (I certainly can live with that!)

But, with only the sound mix remaining, I never completed it. I even had Sean bugging me to finish the damn thing, but even then, I just never got motivated enough to do so. Until this past week. Now, I’ve completed two websites (for Don Davis and Vic Mizzy), and realized I should just finish the film. So, I spent the afternoon finalizing the audio, mixing it, and rendering it out. I even recorded a commentary track for the eventual DVD this fall (another big project). So, there ya go! Look for a redesign of the Warm Butter Films website later this summer.

I now realize, given my increase in productivity, that something (or someone) has probably been holding me back. Thank goodness that’s all done with – now I can achieve more, and increase my production output without feeling dragged down!