More Room In Coach!

Dan Goldwasser Boston

You know those ads that American Airlines has all over the place, touting that they removed seats from the airplane to give you more legroom in coach? Well, haven’t you been wondering where exactly those extra seats went?

Well, I’ll tell you where: US Airways. That’s right, they crammed so many seats in the plane that you have to sit with your knees by your chin. So, suffice it to say that last night on the red-eye flight to Pittsburgh (and then the ensuing leg from Pittsburgh to Boston this morning), I did not get much sleep. And what sleep I did get, was restless and uncomfortable. (We had a lot of turbulance.)

But, I made it here to Boston alright, and the new Mass Pike Extension made getting home from the airport a whopping 14 minutes. Wowza!! But, now it’s naptime, so I can catch up on my sleep, and hopefully not mess up my internal clock for the week.