Hunt for Seersucker

Dan Goldwasser Boston

Got together with Justus for lunch, and we walked around downtown (it was cold!!) until we found a little place to eat. (I forgot the name – sorry!) Afterwards, we chatted and walked through little Saigon, then Downtown Crossing, and made our way to Copley Place. Once there, we entered the mall area, and Justus began his quest for a suit made of seersucker. After a few stores, and slowly working our way back through the area towards his place, he gave up, having only found a shirt and a pair of slacks – neither of which would match. It was even suggested that he might have better luck in Charlestown. Of course, that’s a bit of a drive. But having never been to the South, that might be kinda cool.

I had been dropped off near his place, but I was relegated to taking the “T” back home. So, I paid my buck for the token at Park Street, and hopped on the Green Line. Got off at Kenmore Square, since I was on a C Train, and needed to get on a B Train. Once I did get on the right one, I grabbed a seat, popped on my headphones, listened to music on my iPAQ until I got to the end of the line, where I was picked up. It was a lot of fun taking the “T” and people-watching….