They've Got Balls

Dan Goldwasser Boston

After going to the Arsenal Mall with my parents, Israel, Talia and Yaron, we all headed down to Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market to mosey around. Justus came down to join us, and then we split off and worked our way – ever so slowly through the entire frickin city to Kings. (It was cold.) Kings is a new bowling / lounge “trendy” hot-spot, and so there was (as expected) a rather long wait. Sam, Liz, and Josh showed up around 6, we put our name in, and got dinner at the DeVille Lounge, on site. A while later, we were bowling, and having a blast! (I sucked at first, but got better as the game went on. But before long, I was having the “curse of nines”.)

Sam’s girlfriend Sharon showed up, as well as their friend Josh, and after we finished bowling, we went to the Other Side Cafe, and got some tasty dessert. Mmmm….. Eventually we all split ways, and I took the bus and “T” back to Somerville with Sam, Sharon, Liz, and Josh. Got to see Liz and Josh’s place (and meet their adorable dog), and then Liz was kind enough to take me home – got in around 12:45am (but I’m backdating this entry to fit on Saturday), and I’m tired. Sleepy time! (I have to wake up at 8am!)