The Flight From Hell

Dan Boston

Okay, that’s a complete exaggeration. But it didn’t exactly go as planned. The first leg of the flight was fine, from Boston to Philadelphia. We even left the gate at 6pm EST, as scheduled, to go from Philly to LA. But we sat on the runway for over an hour (at one point we were “17th in line for takeoff”). Urgh. So finally, we get into the air. The in-flight movie is Catch Me If You Can, which I decided to watch only because my iPAQ was dying (seems that it can only handle about 4 hours of constant use, with my current battery).

It didn’t help that the “meal service” on the flight (which was listed as “Dinner” on my intinerary) was actually just a snack. And then they showed Food Network programming, just to rub it in. Urgh. So, when we landed at 9:50pm (about 40 minutes late), I was ravenous. But John wasn’t able to pick me up until 10:45pm due to traffic and an accident on the freeway. So very hungry. And then on top of it, we were both too tired to go out and eat (and he just wanted to go home and sleep – I don’t blame him)!!

So, now I’m back, I’m hungry, and I’m tired. And I have work at 8am tomorrow! FUN!!