Reunion 2003

Dan Boston

Wow – my 10 year high school reunion! With a graduating class of 63 kids (the largest in decades, at the time), I figured a bunch of folks would be showing up for the day’s activities at the school. I was wrong. Instead, Lorne and Jen showed up for the morning – we extracted our DNA in Mr. Murphy’s City Lab – pretty cool stuff!! Then at lunch, Jim showed up, and we spent the afternoon hanging out and kickin it back until the groundbreaking ceremony at 4pm. (They’re building a new performing arts center!) If you check out the pix, you’ll see that there was a giant rat outside on the street – apparently the unions were protesting the fact that the construction job was “open”. Nothing like a little controversy to spice things up! After that, we hung out a bit more until dinnertime, at which point Marc and Heather showed up.

We then went over to Vox Populi in Boston, where supposedly a bunch of our classmates would be gathering. And oh, did they gather!! It was really great to see a lot of these folks (even those that I wasn’t friendly with), and everyone was really nice and friendly and commented on how much weight I’ve lost. (Nothing like an ego boost – especially when it’s a “who are you? Dan?? Oh my goodness!”) 🙂 It will be interesting to see who shows up to Black Rhino tomorrow night.