Black Rhino Sneakers

Dan Goldwasser Boston

After leaving Justus’s apartment, Jim picked me up on Cambridge Street, and we went looking for the Black Rhino club on Broad Street. We parked in a nearby lot, and went over – bumping into Lorne on the way. Once there, though, I was denied access – because I was wearing sneakers! Aaargh!! Pleading with the bouncer didn’t work…. Jim and Lorne went in to see who else was there, and eventually returned with Mike Grossman, who somehow managed to get the manager, and after some convincing (and promising to keep a low profile), I was in!!

The turnout was much smaller than Friday night, with only about 10 folks showing up – but it was still a lot of fun, and eventually we moved up to the 3rd floor. I was pretty tired, so I was sitting on the seat by the window, when this woman started dancing in front of me – rather suggestively, I might add. Turns out it was Allison, from the class of 1994 – and not only didn’t she realize that it was me, but that she also stumbled on our reunion. So, that was pretty funny. We stayed until closing, and then hung out a little outside while people got cabs home (it was freeeeeeezing!!!). Jim then took Mike home, and then myself – it was a loooong night!