The Seat that Wasn't There

Dan Boston

We didn’t leave for the airport until after 4pm, cause I had to wait for my mom and grandmother – so I got there 1 hour before my flight, and still had to check in. So I go to the automated check-in thingy (pretty cool deal), and get my seat: 19A. But the computer froze. In fact, all of them did, so I had to wait for assistance, and get an American Airlines representative to get me my boarding pass. Ok, got it. Went to the gate, and waited 20 minutes, before we boarded. When in line, I bump into composer Jay Chattaway (all of the “Star Trek” shows), which was kinda funny. I last saw him at the Emmy reception last summer.

Anyways, I get on the plane only to discover that my seat, 19A, does not EXIST on this airplane. How whacked is that?? So I had to wait in the galley while the stewardess figured it out. I then got my new seat, 17J. Ok, fine. The flight leaves the gate, and then they show the in-flight safety video. But the LCD screen isn’t working. And since we’re in the area next to the galley, it’s not like there were other options. So, I couldn’t watch any of the in-flight entertainment. Urgh. (Well, it was Tuck Everlasting, which isn’t really anything I needed to see.) So I read on the flight, and even managed to sleep a little.

We got into LAX on time, and I made it to Parking Lot C, got my car, and went home. Whew!! I need a few days to recover!