Bruce Almighty

Dan Goldwasser Movie Reviews

Went with BigSheb to see Bruce Almighty tonight. I was expecting little more than a base rehash of Liar, Liar with the twist being that Jim Carrey’s character has God’s powers, instead of being unable to lie. And of course, I expected the requisite romantic hijinx, playful situations, and ensuing self-discovery about one’s self, resulting in a happy ending.

So was I right to expect all that? Yessirree! And as such, I was not disappointed in the least. The idea of Jim Carrey having God’s powers is truly an amusing one, and the film took advantage of that. From his “parting of the Red Sea” recreation (with a bowl of soup) to his astronomical toyings, this movie did indeed keep me smiling, and laughing. It might not be the most original storyline (underneath all of the window dressing, it’s just a story about self determination, faith, and understanding), but it sure was an entertaining ride.

The music was, honestly, forgettable, and John Debney is quickly becoming a transparent composer – his music is there, but you don’t even register it anymore. Too bad, too. I particularly enjoyed Morgan Freeman as God – he is just too smooth an actor. But that last shot in the film – urgh.

If you’re tired of all the action movies out there, and want something sweet and fun, then by all means, check it out. Otherwise, you can go see X2 or The Matrix Reloaded.