The Italian Job

Dan Movie Reviews

Tonight I got together with Matt and Brian and went to go see The Italian Job at the Mann Bruin. The theater was a full house, which really allowed the audience get into it and have fun. A remake of the 1969 Michael Caine film, this one has a lot of energy, and never really slows down. It has a rather large Oceans 11 vibe going for it, given the ensemble heist scenario. And the scenarios are pretty cool. In what amounts to a glorified ad for the Mini Cooper, the climax chase in Hollywood / Downtown LA is certainly worth checking out, and the comic elements in the film are enjoyable as well.

But this is far from a perfect film. Flaws in the plot, character development (what development??), and even some pacing takes it down a bit, but not enough to detract from the overall enjoyment. John Powell’s score is high on the perscussion, kinda like Drumline meets The Bourne Identity. I look forward to checking out the CD.

The film opens up against Finding Nemo, but that’s targeting a different audience. As such, if you’re looking for action next weekend, by all means check out this flick.