X2 Delivery Update

Dan Goldwasser Video Projects

Went to Buzz Coffee to meet up with X2-scribe Mike Dougherty. He’s now the second person I’ve delivered the X2 Scoring Session DVD to; Damon being the first one (and he loved it, which is good)! There are a lot more to deliver, including to Bryan Singer, John Ottman, Tom DeSanto, etc. etc. etc. (Looks like I might need to buy more DVD-Rs.) We had a good chat over coffee, discussing the latest trend in film music: rejecting scores, and replacing composers. The latest casualty: Michael Kamen, who is no longer on Exorcist: The Beginning, and has been replaced with Christopher Young – who incidentally was attached to score The Exorcist III for a short period of time when the film was taken away from William Peter Blatty. Fun fact!