X2 Scoring Session Delivered!

Dan Goldwasser Showbiz

Well, after weeks (months?) of trying, I finally got a chance to meet up with Rob Burnett, and give him this X2 scoring session footage I shot. I also gave him one of the DVDs I created, and he seemed to like it. (Yay!) He showed me the segment he created about the score, and Ottman, which was pretty cool – this DVD looks like it’s gonna rock! I also got a chance to see the very risque and funny blooper reel – which isn’t gonna be on the DVD because, well, it’s a little too risque. Let’s just say that it’s definitely reflective of Bryan Singer’s personality. We also talked a little bit about the upcoming Two Towers DVD, which sounds like it’s gonna be insane, with almost TEN HOURS of documentary stuff on it. Holy frijole!! I then headed on home, since it’s been a long-ass day, and I am super-tired.