A Very Long 8,000 Miles

Dan Israel (2003)

My flight from Los Angeles was uneventful. Flew to Toronto, and got in around 8pm local time. The movie on the flight was Bend It Like Beckham, and was a rather good flick. I sat next to a nice British couple on the flight, and we had a nice chat, which continued while waiting at the terminal in Toronto for our connecting flights. The airport was dead, nothing was open, and so once the couple left for their London flight, I just waited around and watched the gate area fill up with people. Families. Families with small children. Very small. The kind that either cry the whole time, or run around screaming the whole time. This was gonna be a long long flight.

After takeoff, and dinner, I took my medicine, and was only able to watch the first 5 minutes of Chicago before I fell asleep. It wasn’t really restful sleep, but it was sleep. I woke up and realized I had missed the third film, Catch Me If You Can. Thank goodness – that means I had slept a majority of the 11 hour flight. We landed in Tel Aviv at 5:50pm local time, I went through immigration and customs, and then came out to meet my parents. They weren’t there.

After 30 minutes of waiting, I asked a kind gentleman if I could borrow his cellphone – called the folks, and they came over…. seems they had just arrived at the airport, and had the wrong flight information. Oh well!