The Chicken Lady and a Loud Bang

Dan Israel (2003)

After a tasty breakfast, I joined Mike, Pat, Julie, Jody, Aaron and Andrew in a van as we took a tour up to the northern portion of the country. As we left, we noticed a seriously disturbing person walking along the street. I refer to him/her as the “chicken lady” (in homage to the Kids in the Hall character) because his/her gait was rather spastic and (bluntly) fucked up. We asked the resident doctor (Jody) what drugs he/she might be on. Her response: “Many different things.” Scary.

Five minutes later, we found ourselves sitting in traffic for about 10 minutes. Not moving, wondering what was going on. We asked our guide, Eli, and he said he didn’t know. Then we heard a loud bang. About a minute or two later, traffic started to flow, and we passed a police van blocking part of the street. The prognosis: a suspicious package had been found and detonated. Welcome to Israel!