Dan Goldwasser Israel (2003)

This was just too great! We get to the wedding venue in Herziliyah, north of Tel Aviv, around 6:30pm. Everyone is all dressed up, and it’s hot, and a little humid. But the sun is starting to set, so with magic hour lighting, we get our photos taken (in various combinations of people and family) by the professional photographers. Afterwards, the reception begins as guests start to slowly arrive over the next few hours.

The reception was great – tasty food, open bar, and a lot of people to chat with. But soon it was time for the big event! The music played, I held one pole of the chupah, and Ilana and Yaron were married! We then all piled into the main dining area for the rest of the evening’s celebration, which involved a lot of dancing, drinking, and dinner. I’m not gonna go into too many details; you’ll just have to wait for the video. I’ll just say that I pooped out at 2am and went home with grandma and Pat, but everyone else was still going strong!