Italian, Sushi and "Erase It"

Dan Goldwasser Israel (2003)

Bobbi and Shai had a great meal for everyone there – big salads, lasanga, and beautiful (and delicious) sushi platters. It wasn’t long before everyone was truly stuffed…. and then it was time for the videos. We watched a video that Shai’s son Liron (my cousin) made in the army, showing how life is for him and his fellow soldiers. It was candid, fun, and pretty cool. Then came my big moment.

Some of you might know that I had been working for over three weeks on a video project for the wedding, before I left for Israel. I’ll probably get around to putting it online, but basically the video was my “card” to Ilana and Yaron (mainly Ilana) for the wedding. I compiled footage from 20 years ago (1983), and narrated it… it was all very charming, and funny. The gathered crowd of relatives really seemed to like it, since it’s always fun seeing what you (or your parents) looked like 20 years ago, when you had forgotten! (It was especially fun to see Aaron and Andrew’s reactions, since they were 1.5 years old in the video!) But then came the “twist”. I showed the infamous (to the immediate family, at least) “Erase it!” video…. In a nutshell, it’s Ilana throwing a tantrum. On tape. And on that tape, dad says that we’re gonna keep it and show it at the wedding. That was in 1983. So, I kept his word for him. And Ilana’s reaction to seeing this (with everyone gathered) was priceless. I’m so happy it turned out as well as it did!