Mitzpeh Ramon

Dan Goldwasser Israel (2003)

We arrived at the Mitzpeh Ramon Crater, which is a natural crater – not an impact one. It’s enormous. Like, frickin HUGE. We noticed some ibex on the side of the road, and one of them started walking closer to us. In sterotypical goat fashion, it picked up a plastic bag – . We had a little and ate itlunch (late lunch!) and then went to the Visitor’s Center which was closing soon. We watched the video explaining the crater’s formation and what they’ve found here, including fossilized fish, trees, and other things. It’s a geological reserve, and it’s amazing to look at from the top of the crater. While we were there, we heard a slow roar that gradually grew louder – and then noticed 3 F-15 fighter jets practicing maneuvers above the desert. Very cool! We then got into the car and headed down into the crater to make our way through to the other side. There were signs along the road indicating it was a “Live Fire” zone – so we thoughtfully stayed on the pavement, and continued through the Negev.