Drive to Akabah

Dan Israel (2003)

We then started the winding journey up the mountainside to get to the King’s Road. From the top, we had an amazing view of the mountains surrounding Petra – you can even see the Siq leading through into the valley. Any invading forces would certainly NOT know the city was there. Smart Nabateans! The drive back was long, and rather uneventful. I even got a chance to nap (all that walking is tiring). There was a point where the highway was not completed, and we could have to go on a detour. But our guide said that we could take a shortcut – through the construction site. So, we drove for a good number of miles along the partially completed highway, zigzagging on the only completed portions. It was a little weird, to say the least! Eventually we got back to the main completed road, and continued our journey south. When we arrived in Akabah, we went on a small tour of the area, and stopped in a spice shop, which was pretty cool. The guy there made an incredibly flavorful mixture of spices for meat, and I could just imagine using it! From there, we went back to the border crossing.