Dinner with Dina, and the Spice!

Dan Goldwasser Israel (2003)

Dina and I left dad at the hotel, and went out to dinner, to celebrate her birthday. We went to this hamburger place, which was really cool – the burgers could be custom built with a plethora of options. When they showed up, my eyes lit up. This was the spice!! Amazing! The burger was heaven on a plate, and my quest was at an end. (Well, kinda – I still have NO idea what the spices are, and would love to get them so I can make my own burgers…. but at least I got to taste it!) Sweet sweet spice. Mmmm…..

We then walked back to her apartment – it’s so cool, I wish mine was like hers! It just has a kick-ass layout. We hung out for a little bit, then headed on back to the hotel to meet dad, and go to the airport!