X2 Discussion Panel

Dan Showbiz

Tonight I went with BigSheb to a special screening of X2 at Fox, hosted by the Society of Composers and Lyricists. After the screening director Bryan Singer and composer/editor John Ottman were on hand to talk about the film, their collaboration, and take questions from the audience. The questions were rather slow in coming, so I asked them what they were working on now. (I got quite a look from them, seeing as I already knew what they were doing, and they knew I knew!) But, what I didn’t know was that Singer had just completed his treatment of X3, so that was cool to hear. Afterwards, I got him to sign that photo of me and him at the piano – I had printed out a nice black and white one. I also gave him (and Ottman) the DVD I put together of the scoring session footage. Which reminds me – I need to put some clips on Ottman’s site!