Bad Boys II

Dan Goldwasser Movie Reviews

Got together with John, Adam, and his friend Amir, and we went to go see Bad Boys II. Wow. I don’t even know what I can say about this film. My friend Raphael described it best: “This is the Showgirls of action movies.” And indeed, it’s one of the most depraved, over-the-top, absurd, insulting, irresponsible, violent, depraved (did I already say that?) movies I’ve ever seen. And it’s long. It’s nearly 2.5 hours long.

This film allowed director Michael Bay to attempt to answer the age-old question: how many ways can you defile a corpse on screen? Well, he tried hard to get the answer! Corpses blow up, fall apart, get run over, get shot up, etc. etc. It’s just a bit too much. Toss in the excessive destruction and mayhem, and a dash of blatant racial pandering, and you’ve got yerself a picture! But keep that camera moving, cut quickly, and with Trevor Rabin’s dissapointingly flat score, try to boost the excitement. And then, just when you’re starting to grow weary of it all, let’s go to Cuba and make it a spy story! Huh??? Where did that last 30 minutes come from?

I will be fair and honest here. I did indeed enjoy the film. I thought it was a hell of a ride, and while it’s an awful film, I didn’t feel like my time was wasted. After all, how often do you get to see 274 chases in one film?