Spy Kids 3D: Game Over

Dan Goldwasser Movie Reviews

As I was leaving work, to head over to Century City and pick up Adam, I bumped into Henry Winkler in the elevator. He works on the first floor, as an Executive Producer of the new “Hollywood Squares“. We chatted for a few minutes, and I was able to prevent myself from saying “Heeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy” or asking anything about “Happy Days“. So I picked up Adam, and we drove into Hollywood – we had a screening of Spy Kids 3D at the Laser Pacific Screening Room (digitally projected, of course). After a tasty Wendy’s meal, we went to the theater. It’s small – only about 30 seats or so – and a few folks were there, with their kids. Adam and I sat in the front row, in the plush leather executive seats. (Electric buttons recline and raise the footrest – nice!!) We were talking about trilogies, and inevitably discussed the Godfather trilogy. As we were talking about the rumored Godfather 4 from a few years back, who walks into the room but Mr. Sonny Corleone himself, James Caan. Suffice it to say, we stopped talking about the Godfather films at that point. And no, he didn’t have a golf club with him.

Spy Kids 3D is a combination of things. 50% movie, 50% ride, and 100% marketing for the video game of the same name. It’s a fun flick – don’t take it too seriously. Forget half of what you learned from the first two films. Just put on your red/green 3D glasses, and go with the flow! It’s silly, even stupid at times – but it’s always fun. Robert Rodriguez did a pretty bang up job considering how little money he spent to make it (less than $40 million), and the fact that he wrote, directed, edited, scored, supervised, and did everything except act in the damn thing, well, it’s pretty damn impressive. I’d say, go see it if you wanna check out the 3D effects, and have fun with the kids. Otherwise, wait for video.