American Wedding

Dan Movie Reviews

After work I picked Matt up from his house, then we headed on over to the new Pacific Theaters in Culver City. Parking was a real bitch – we couldn’t find the parking lot, and it was rush hour, so driving around the block took a while, and we eventually gave up and got street parking a few blocks away. Turns out that the parking lot is 2 blocks north of the theater. Nice job advertising it, ya mooks. Sheesh. Anyways, we were there to see American Wedding, the 3rd (and final?) chapter in the American Pie saga. That should tell you the level of quality cinema we were expecting.

The film itself wasn’t anything great; it went pretty much as I expected. Though it was a little light on the gross-out factor (which was fine), it also ended up being a little light on the jokes, too. I mean, it was funny at times, but it took a while to build momentum. As such, the first part of the film dragged, and Seann William Scott’s “Stiffler” was annoying and crass. Yawn. And the last part of the film ended up being all sentimental and sweet (it is a wedding after all), with the occasional joke and gaff. But it was (for me) Eugene Levy who was funny as always, and made even the silliest moments shine through with his bushy eyebrowed reactions.

In the end, the film was alright, nothing special, and most likely will be easily forgotten. We counted 39 songs licensed for the film, which is absurd, but hey – it’s probably got a great soundtrack!