Dan Goldwasser Movie Reviews

S.W.A.T., based on the 1970’s television show, has very little to do with the original, with two exceptions: composer Elliot Goldenthal uses the TV theme a lot in his score, and the show actually appears on a television screen during one scene. Other than that, the movie is really just about Los Angeles SWAT, as seen through the eyes of Jim Street (Colin Farrell), a SWAT officer who is demoted after an incident in which his partner (now off the force) shot a hostage to get the criminals. Oh well. Anywhoo, Sgt. Hondo (Samuel L. Jackson) pulls together a new team of SWAT folks (comprised of your average misfits and jokers) in hopes of one-upping the Captain who has no confidence in them. Standard plot. Now an international criminal needs to be transferred to federal custody, but he offers $100 million to anyone who can break him out. LA street gangs, mobs, and even ex-SWAT folks are all coming out of the woodwork to get this guy, so, plot ensues.

The dialogue is “whatever”; the story is somewhat laughable, but the film is overall fun. It’s the dog-days of summer, and S.W.A.T. is an in-your-face reminder of that. Goldenthal’s score is alright – I can’t say it was amazing, but it was rather enjoyable. We’ll see how the CD is. The film had some pretty good action setpieces, but the plot-holes were a little too big to make this a “good” film. It does, however, satisfy the “popcorn movie” test, and I’m sure the DVD will have plenty of notable extras.