Getting Out

Dan Vegas

The 10 is a boring freeway. It goes from the ocean, in Santa Monica, through Los Angeles, downtown, the Inland Empire, and keeps going until it hits Arizona. About 50 miles down the road, when heading to Las Vegas, you turn north on the 15. The 15 is a rather desolate road. There’s nothing on it. I mean, nothing. Sure you have Victorville and Barstow. But after that – wow, it’s just barren. I did see one car accident along the way. It was the car in front of me. I dunno what he was doing, but he basically slowly coasted out of the lane – and off the road. Not really an “accident” per se, but it was still enough to make me get in the right lane and focus on driving!

I stopped for gas in Barstow – I had only used 1/4 of a tank to get there, but per everyone’s advice, I filled up nonetheless. From Barstow, it’s about 2 hours to Vegas. And those 2 hours are worse than the previous ones. If it weren’t for the CDs and the full-signal on the cellphone, it would have felt much longer. As it is, I hit State Line, Nevada a little before 11am. From there, it was only about a half-hour to Vegas. I got to the Alexis Park Suites, where David and Gaby were staying, around 11:40am. Basically, 3.5 hours to get to Vegas. Not too shabby from what I understand!