The Venetian

Dan Goldwasser Vegas

We walked around the Venetian for a little bit, checking out the mall, and seeing what restaurants they had. I got a band-aid for my cut hand from a nice security guard who was dressed like a carabinieri, so that was good. We didn’t go in, but at Madame Tussaud’s, they had Whoopi Goldberg and Arnold Schwarzenegger out front, so we took some pix.

While Italian would have been the cuisine to try, we actually felt like having some Asian – so we went to the Tsunami Asian Grill. The food was quite tasty – and the mandarin orange chicken was entirely consumed. (Matt was right about that; I do tend to finish off the orange chicken, whereas I tend to get leftovers for every other meal!) From there, we had to jet on over to the Rio Hotel, where David and Gaby were going to see Penn and Teller perform. From there, I went back to their hotel room, dropped stuff off, and cleaned up and got ready for my drive back to Los Angeles.