Earlier Flight

Dan Goldwasser Boston

So I’m on my way to Boston, again. This time it’s for Ilana’s wedding party – stateside. (Not everyone could make it to Israel, clearly!) I bought the ticket 2 months ago, and knew it was a red-eye flight. Usually, that means I should get to the airport around 9pm or so, and we leave around 11/11:30pm. No biggie – I’ve got plenty of time to pack.


In my infinite wisdom, I didn’t verify the flight times until this morning. And saw that my flight was at 9:45pm. Hmm. This is a problem on two fronts: firstly, I have less time to pack, and need to leave for the airport at 7pm. Secondly, I won’t get much sleep, since my flight arrives into Boston at 6am – which will feel like 3am. You try to go to bed at 10pm to wake up at 2:30am. It just isn’t gonna happen. So, no sleep for me!