Quincy Market / IMAX

Dan Goldwasser Boston

Yaron, his brother Menny, and their mom came by and picked me up. Menny had just gotten in from Israel, so he was feeling a bit more jetlag than I was. We all went back to Yaron’s place, and hung out for a bit before taking the commuter rail to North Station. From there, we took the T to the Aquarium, where we got tickets to see Bugs! in 3D IMAX. Sounded cool!. We grabbed some lunch at Quincy Market (Menny had never had Mexican food, so I introduced him to Baja Fresh), and then went to the film.

The weather is miserable. It’s rainy and windy – all of which we have Hurrican Isabel to thank for. I wouldn’t mind the rain so much (I miss the rain!) if it were COLD and rainy. But no, it’s hot and muggy. That makes things much worse. Tomorrow, however, is supposed to be much better.

After the IMAX film (naratted by Judy Dench, and featuring some rather impressive 3D visuals), we walked up to Norton Station, and then took the commuter rail back to Waltham, and then I was dropped off at home so I could get changed and ready for Chabad.