Party Time!

Dan Goldwasser Boston

Went over to the Victoria Ballroom at the Longwood Towers with the family – the venue for tonight’s wedding reception. As the wedding itself had already taken place, we were just having a “dessert reception” for those here in the USA who couldn’t make it to Israel. It was great seeing a lot of family I hadn’t seen in a long time (extended family) – including distant cousins from Kansas City, Colorado, and even California! (Well, I’ve seen them a little more recently than others…)

After the party, which ended around 1am, my cousin Jeremy and I went home, I got changed, and we all headed over to Andrew’s new apartment, where a bunch of us were gonna hang out and do whatever. It was a blast, and people started leaving around 3am or so – but Jeremy and I crashed at the apartment, finally nodding off around 4:30am.