Scary Movie 3

Dan Goldwasser Movie Reviews

It was more than I had realized. I remembered hearing a while back that David Zucker was going to direct the latest spoof in the series, Scary Movie 3. That got my hopes up – it seemed that the Wayans Bros,. while they did a good job with the first two films, were not involved at all in this – and it looked like it was ripe with material to make fun of. So imagine my surprise when I got the press notes, and realized that not only was David Zucker involved, but it was co-written by Pat Proft, and produced by Robert Weiss! For those who don’t know, Proft wrote Naked Gun, Hot Shots!, Police Academy and yes, even the Star Wars Holiday Special. Weiss produced such comedy classics as The Kentucky Fried Movie, The Blues Brothers, the Naked Gun films, and others. So, my expectations for the film – while still kept at a reasonable level, were certainly increased.

So it was that Matt and I went to the Mann Chinese 6 in Hollywood. I hadn’t been to that theater (having only been to the Grauman’s Chinese Theater), and so it was rather interesting slugging through rush hour traffic trying to get to Hollywood & Highland. The crowd, to put it midly, was more of a “city” crowd – this was gonna be a slightly rowdy screening. Thankfully, it wasn’t all that bad, and the audience had a fun time getting into it and enjoying the jokes and gags.

For the most part, the film played out like every other spoof film – the storyline is simple and basic and the jokes come fast and furious. Most of them are hits, but a few misses slipped through the editing process. Either way, I laughed a lot in the course of the film. But let’s be honest, it’s not a “good film”. But it sure is nice to laugh like that. I’m going to avoid getting into the details of the jokes and stuff, but this is certainly a movie to go see if you want a brainless, funny flick. Of course you don’t have to see the films it spoofs, but it certainly helps.