The Matrix Revolutions

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Let’s see, where did we leave off? Neo is in a coma after somehow being able to stop sentinels in the real world with his mind. The machines are digging towards Zion. Smith has entered the “real world” in the form of Bane. Oh yeah – and most of the audience members who saw The Matrix Reloaded were feeling a combination of confusion, frustration, and disappointment. So where does that leave us with The Matrix Revolutions?

Matt and I went to the fully-packed screening at the Mann Village theater in Westwood, and more or less got completely sucked into the film. I won’t give any spoilers away, but I will certainly say that this film is borderline relentless. It’s just a bit over 2 hours long, and they pack a lot of stuff in here. Sure we even get the finger-tapping “get on with it already!” moments with the Jedi Council – err, I mean, Council of Zion. We even get some reasonable explaination as to what happened with Neo, even if it’s still just a tad farfetched.

But let’s be honest here – this movie is all about two things: action and resolution. The fight at Club Hell is slick – especially when your foes decide to stand on the ceiling. The Zion Dock battle is almost relentless in the way things just keep coming. The “Super Burly Brawl” (featuring one of the best pieces of score in the film) is killer in power and scope. The rest of the film shows that this should have been called “The Matrix Resolutions“. What is Neo’s purpose? Who is the Oracle really? What does the Merovingian have to do wit the Trainman, and how do they tie into Neo’s fate? What’s going to happen with Smith? What is the meaning of choice? Etc. etc. It’s not as heavyhanded as the second film, and the way it wraps up is actually quite apropos. Some people might be surprised, others disappointed, others pleased, others angry, and others delighted. In all, this film is going to have a rather mixed reaction. But as for myself (since this is my blog, it should be about what I thought), I enjoyed it! I’m still letting it soak in, so my response to the film in a few days might differ from what I’m writing here. But, I do plan on seeing it again on IMAX (yay!) and after that time, I will probably have a better sense of it all.

Visual effects: great! Nothing as obvious as the “Burly Brawl” sequence in The Matrix Reloaded, but the Zion Dock battle was rather impressive. Music: well, I’m biased. But I gotta say, this has some great stuff. Much of the Zion Dock battle music (which is excellent) is drowned out by sound effects. But, that makes the impact of the final showdown (using that “Neodammerung” cue) even more powerful, since the music is big and loud. This is definitely a score to pick up if you get the chance.

So, what’s the overall deal? Go see the film. If anything, it will wrap up the trilogy for you, and there’s plenty of stuff for everyone to enjoy something.